Project Description

The beef industry communications teams work tirelessly to make sure their product remained a mainstay of American menus. While on the team at the Beef Industry Council’s foodservice agency, we worked hard to showcase ways to use beef that were healthy and in keeping with food trends.

  • Kids eating out: When parents began taking their youngsters along to “white tablecloth” restaurants, we developed kid-friendly menu items for the restaurant’s smallest patrons, supported with activities to keep children occupied.
  • Litestyles: Beef remains a menu mainstay but health experts were urging consumers to cut back on portion sizes. We created a series of recipes and light photos to showcase beef in nutritious and ingenious manners. The litestyles program was targeted specifically to white table cloth restaurants.
  • Beef is Back: This multi-media program focused on new, healthier ways to serve beef that everyone was familiar with. We kicked off the program with an eye-catching pop-up ad in foodservice trade magazines, and supported that with a variety of promotions, ads, publicity releases and recipes. The second half of the program featured restaurants with new twists on old favorites on their menus.
  • Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Beef But Didn’t Know Whom to Ask was a notebook/video training programs for sales teams providing beef to restaurants.