Project Description

Ask any brand if today’s social media has changed how they listen and provide customer service. Those who haven’t changed are likely trying to avoid looking, or they just haven’t been hit yet. I worked with an international food company that sells their products throughout the US as well as around the world. They always want to make sure their consumers enjoy their product. But in today’s world, it’s those who don’t like the product that tend to need the most attention.

I helped them craft responses to consumer queries from blogs and their social media pages, as well as emails and web comments. As part of this program and with tremendous support and information from their headquarters staff, I created a FAQ page on the website to answer the most common questions. I also answered individual questions and catalogued them to make it easier to find answers if needed again. Finally, I monitored online queries regarding food trends and issues of concern to consumers. This helped the company prepare answers even before the next consumer issues arose.