Project Description

Thousands of Anchorage residents spend winter days on the city’s hundreds of miles of area ski trails. They also participate in many of the more than 25 events organized by the Nordic Skiing Association of Anchorage (NSAA). But, most don’t pay the membership fee that provides for trail grooming and other services. Research found most simply forgot while some thought NSAA events were only for elite skiers.

I created an annual plan for NSAA that focused their communications on having fun while being outside and skiing. New templates meant all graphics had a similar look and feel to them. I also purchased a sponsorship on public radio (where many skiers listen) and created a calendar showing what messages should be used when. It helped staff, board, and committees plan, avoided overlapping promotions, and brought the group under the same umbrella. I also created signs to place near entrances to busy ski trails reminding skiers the NSAA paid to build and maintain the trails.