Project Description

It was not that long ago Midwesterners didn’t enjoy the fresh fish coastal residents take for granted. I worked with the West Coast Fisheries Development Council to introduce fresh fish to Denver, Minneapolis and other inland markets. Because many of the fish species were new, and even eating fresh fish (instead of canned) was new, we developed fairly basic materials to use at the retail level. In addition, we didn’t want to ignore our traditional white tablecloth audience so created some higher end point of sale materials for the restaurants.

The early ‘80s was really the beginning of the health craze and its origins were in Seattle where we were working. We wanted to tie seafood to the health craze so created a running race in downtown Seattle tied to a fishing industry trade show. The “Trawl Crawl, a Run for the Halibut” was a fun morning event showcasing the product. Winners received a whole halibut making for a fun photo opportunity with the runners holding their extra large prize.