Project Description

America’s favorite vegetable is a staple in pantries and on menus, but it’s a challenge to make it exciting. Working with the potato industry as part of their foodservice team, we worked hard to support the industry as a player in key food trends.

Taste of Freedom: When the Berlin Wall fell, we knew potatoes were a mainstay of Eastern European cuisine so we scrambled to create a promotion. Several recipes were created and distributed to restaurant owners in a package detailing Eastern Europe culture and tradition. At the same time, a food editor event was hosted in New York at the Russian Tea Room to highlight the food trend. It was wonderful to be on the leading edge of a food trend.

Changing Eating Habits: By watching food trends and researching eating habits, we learned that more and more people were buying ready-to-eat foods at the supermarket or a restaurant and eating them at home. This led to a changing definition of foodservice to including food prepared but not necessarily consumed away from home and presented an opportunity to show how versatile potatoes could be in a deli, beyond potato salad.