Strategic Planning

The best plans and programs always begin with research and assessment that help determine objectives, audiences, and strategies. As the client, your buy-in along the way is critical so we can both make sure we’re heading in the right direction. Asking “why” is important to understanding the directions and tactics that will be successful. Sometimes the planning and strategy is around redesigning a long-standing program component that needs refreshing. Other times, it’s a more detailed comprehensive plan.

Social and Digital Communications

That’s “social” as in have a cup of coffee, but also as in networking and media. The communication profession has been thrown topsy turvey with Facebook, Twitter, blogging and all that comes along with it. Since I’ve devoted the time to learn social media, I’m able to guide clients through the maze. Before we start down the social path, we’ll discuss your capacity to participate in developing and maintaining a presence on social media.

Traditional Public Relations

Social media is great, but there’s still very definitely a time and place for traditional public relations tools like brochures, email, press releases, speeches, advocacy, community relations, etc. A great plan is based on a combination of tools that get the desired results.

Tactical Projects

​Sometimes clients will ask for help on a particular component of a communications problem that is part of their overall strategy. In these cases, I’ll come in to assist with things like event planning, advocacy, writing, employee coaching, etc.

Food Products

I began my career in food and loved writing about and marketing food. Traditional strategic communications strategies still apply while changes in the digital world have an increasing and immediate effect on food products and companies. It takes in-depth understanding of those issues and a long-standing reputation in the field to know what to do.

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