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You only Keep the Relationships You Manage

ShareTweet Tuesday I talked about the importance of building and maintaining relationships…and saying thank you. Today I discuss how you can do that. As something of a disclaimer, I started my career before we had computers, cell phones and programs that automated your contact lists. We had paper address books or address cards in a […]

To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question

ShareTweet This morning’s Solo PR chat started with a robust discussion about blogging; whether or not to make your blog your home page. This quickly changed to a much broader discussion about blogging in general. The typical answer to questions like this is…it depends. As with all aspects of public relations or strategic communication, a […]

Reach Out and Engage Someone

ShareTweet So far we have talked about listening and hearing, beginning to join the conversation and the need to mix old school and new communication tools in a communication plan. Today, the focus is on engaging customers, potential customers through social media. In today’s web world, customer service occurs in real time. And, you can’t […]

Now That You Know What’s Being Said, Join the Conversation

ShareTweet I hope you read part one of my series on setting up listening posts. Now that your feet are wet and you’re listening to what people are saying, it’s time to join the conversation. Start with a blog or online community tied to something personal like an activity or hobby you enjoy.  Choose something […]

Why We Should Care About the Decline in Traditional Journalism

ShareTweet Friday the Anchorage Daily News announced they would be laying off more staff, something we seem to read about daily from newspapers around the country. At the same time, radio and television news crews are also crunched for staff. A recent Harris Poll reported just “two in five Americans read a newspaper almost every […]