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When Super Bowl Advertising Gets a Bit Personal

ShareTweet Sunday’s Super Bowl was great. I know the score was a blow out but it was the first time the Seahawks have won a Super Bowl and I’m from the Northwest so consider it my team. Many of us were watching the advertising as much as we were watching the game. And you can […]

Relationships Remain Key to Success

ShareTweet After more than 30 years in public relations and communications, I have seen lots of changes. What hasn’t changed, thankfully, is the value of relationships. With professional stints in several US cities working with clients throughout the US I’ve met some people and maintained friendships throughout the country. I regularly have people ask why […]

Engagement Is Critical for Today’s Communicators. Getting there is Hard.

ShareTweet Most of us who’ve been involved in social media for a few years now understand engagement is key to success. Companies everywhere are looking for ways to grab a bigger piece of this pie than their competitor as they believe it’s their ticket to success. But I wonder if the solution might be easier […]

How Teaching a Language and Vine Go Hand in Hand

ShareTweet Here in Alaska there are numerous discussions around preserving Alaska Native cultures. Many elders are working hard to teach their children the traditions important to their ancestors. It’s something those of on the outside often watch with great interest. In many ways it’s no different than passing down our family traditions but seems more […]

Quick tips for making smart giving choices

ShareTweet The devastation in Oklahoma yesterday has us all stunned and praying for those affected. Here in Alaska, the ice is breaking on our rural rivers and home are flooding in villages behind ice dams. As we’ve come to expect, first responders are in place and helping people as quickly as possible. And, there is […]

Six Ways I Bump Into Colleagues Regularly

ShareTweet I was taking a break from client work earlier to catch up on items in my newsfeed. A post from Jeff Esposito caught my eye. It’s called “Are you bumping into your coworkers enough?” If you have coworkers you should read it. But I don’t, so why did I? The same principles apply to […]