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When the Unexpected Happens…

ShareTweet   It’s no secret social media has changed the world for PR pros and we’re all adjusting to the changes. Our cohorts in advertising, marketing and journalism are joining us as we re-tool our skill sets to make accommodations for this new world. One of the biggest changes has been the compression of time […]

We need to know now…or do we?

ShareTweet It’s no secret that events this week have been amazing, and we’re all reeling from what has happened. It’s also safe to say that many have also noticed that with social media comes an incredible amount for misinformation and confusion. We may have caused this problem ourselves. When word first broke of the bombings […]

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!

ShareTweet This phrase from Sir Walter Scott (Scottish author & novelist, 1771 – 1832) has been coming to mind a lot lately as we learn of communicators practicing in deceiving manners. It’s very frustrating for the thousands of professionals who practice with ethical standards and commitment. It doesn’t seem that hard to me to observe the […]

Surprising FAQs: Do Bloggers Really Matter?

ShareTweet I started my career with an IBM Selectric typewriter, a telephone and mimeograph machine. So you can imagine how far things have come in my world. In the mid ‘80s we transitioned to computers and transmitting documents via fax machine. Even that seems ages ago. Cell phones were brand new for the average consumer […]

Freedom of what?

ShareTweet Note: This is the last in a series of posts about communications and the recent election. This year’s Alaska Senate race has made headlines across the county as Senator Lisa Murkowski made history as the first to successfully win a write-in campaign since the 1950s. Unfortunately, it also resulted in some headlines Alaskans are […]