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Do You Wear the Ribbon?

ShareTweet “Who doesn’t want to wear the ribbon.” You must wear the ribbon.” Whichever line reminds you of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer wouldn’t wear a red ribbon supporting Aids is something I think of often today. The advent of social media has made is so much easier to discuss people or companies who won’t […]

Celebrating Sixteen Years as an Agency of One

ShareTweet I’m reprising a post from the anniversary of The Barber Group two years ago. I’ve updated the “years” and added another picture but the spirit of this post is definitely still one I celebrate. In the past two years, I’ve moved back to the Pacific Northwest where it’s wonderful to be closer to family […]

Reflections on Life’s Journeys

ShareTweet June 1 is a milestone for me. It’s the day, 14 years ago I opened the door to The Barber Group. But the journey really didn’t start there. 40 years ago this month I graduated from high school having spent two years working on the school newspaper and learning a true love for writing. […]

Communicators Have Lessons to Learn from Farmers Who are Natural Marketers

ShareTweet To market to market… The old nursery rhyme always comes to mind when I head to South Anchorage’s farmer’s market…not to buy a fat pig…but I probably could. Just as locally-grown products are popular in the Lower 48, so grows the family farm in Southcentral Alaska. Growing up in Oregon, we regularly visited u-pick […]

Ten Years Ago Today…

ShareTweet The Barber Group became reality. After 22 years working for someone else, I opened my own public relations and communications consultancy. But this post really isn’t about the numerous accomplishments and the clients I’ve helped through crisis. Instead, it’s about the primary reason I went into this venture in the first place. It’s a […]