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Communicators Have Lessons to Learn from Farmers Who are Natural Marketers

ShareTweet To market to market… The old nursery rhyme always comes to mind when I head to South Anchorage’s farmer’s market…not to buy a fat pig…but I probably could. Just as locally-grown products are popular in the Lower 48, so grows the family farm in Southcentral Alaska. Growing up in Oregon, we regularly visited u-pick […]

Ten Years Ago Today…

ShareTweet The Barber Group became reality. After 22 years working for someone else, I opened my own public relations and communications consultancy. But this post really isn’t about the numerous accomplishments and the clients I’ve helped through crisis. Instead, it’s about the primary reason I went into this venture in the first place. It’s a […]

Is Social Media Use REALLY Ruining Our Youth?

ShareTweet Several people I spoke with are very concerned about the increasing use of media among what is now somehow dubbed the M2 generation (8-18 year olds).  I understand the concerns, but, as the parent of two boys in this generation, I also take some exception of the brushing generalities. I showed the Kaiser Family […]

Do We Still Need a “Most Trusted Man in America”?

ShareTweet Believe it or not, I grew up in a time when the “most trusted man in America” was Walter Cronkite. Every evening, my Dad would come home from work, have a Martini or an Old Fashioned and watch Walter tell him what happened that day. If we wanted time with Dad, we either waited […]