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Fundraising is a Team Sport

ShareTweet Guest post from Susan Kernes Successful fundraising is about reinforcing your relationship with existing donors while building relationships with new ones. As in all relationship-building, the goal is to attract the resources you need in order to achieve your outcomes. Make sure your Board actively participates in fundraising. They should know your mission and […]

Quick tips to making smart giving choices

ShareTweet This week’s news regarding the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood sent shock waves around the world. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, this has been an important lesson in the power of social media and individuals to affect a decision. This has affected me, and many of my friends and […]

Haitians are desperate for our help; Give generously to trusted organizations

ShareTweet Today’s fundraising has come a long way from yesterday’s penny drives. Like many of you, I am shocked by the devastation in Haiti. The people there have struggled so long and worked to improve their lives and now are faced with starting over again as the result of Mother Nature’s 7.0 strike. It seems […]