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Focus, Planning Are the Best Ways to Stay on Track

ShareTweet Projects with a variety of clients have caused me to think about the importance of focus. Of knowing where we’re going. Of making sure we are on the same track as senior managers on the same track. As Zig Ziglar said, “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four […]

Good vs. Bad; Size Shouldn’t Matter

ShareTweet It’s no secret that social networks are amplifying our messages and giving everyone a voice for their woes. This presents challenges for companies and brands as they manage what can be a barrage of customer messages. Lately, I’ve had two very different customer service experiences: HUGE phone company — We changed wireless carriers last October […]

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

ShareTweet We’ve all heard the expression to keep our eye on the prize. We know intuitively that it means to stay focused on our end goals. But what if you’re not sure what those goals are? What if you’re not confident you know where you’re going? These questions are important when beginning almost any new […]

Great Customer Service…the Secret Sauce of Successful Companies

ShareTweet A couple weeks ago, we took a long weekend and flew to Seattle to see the boys and have some time away from work and the daily routine. It was wonderful. Along the way, we saw several examples of good customer service. It was my husband’s birthday and we have this tradition of hiding […]

I Think I’ve Sung in this Choir Before

ShareTweet The one where I wish people would abide by the Golden Rule.  Like many of you I was glued to the television and social media Monday watching our government act like young children. Each faction went to their corner and refused to talk with the other side. As the hours clicked on, the possibility […]

I’m Engaged. Are You?

ShareTweet In social media that is… Today’s communications professionals are involved in social media more than almost any other profession. Most of my colleagues understand the need to be part of the online networks and we understand why it might be confusing for others, or why they just don’t see the value. We recognize that […]