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Just Give ’em the Pickle

ShareTweet Truer words were never said by family friend Bob Farrell, who died late last week. Mr. Farrell owned a string of ice cream parlors in the Northwest beginning in the ’70s. My mom and a friend were two of his first customers who quickly became friends with the jolly, funny and caring owner. He […]

Reflections on Life’s Journeys

ShareTweet June 1 is a milestone for me. It’s the day, 14 years ago I opened the door to The Barber Group. But the journey really didn’t start there. 40 years ago this month I graduated from high school having spent two years working on the school newspaper and learning a true love for writing. […]

I’m Engaged. Are You?

ShareTweet In social media that is… Today’s communications professionals are involved in social media more than almost any other profession. Most of my colleagues understand the need to be part of the online networks and we understand why it might be confusing for others, or why they just don’t see the value. We recognize that […]

Facebook News Feed Changes…Again

ShareTweet Most people enjoy Facebook as a social sharing tool, way to reconnect to childhood friends, and to stay abreast of current news and events. For communicators, Facebook is also an important tool for listening, communicating, and branding for the companies we represent. That’s why when Facebook changes things around, especially just when we’ve become […]

What Exactly IS Public Relations?

ShareTweet Last week, SoloPR joined the Social Media chat group for our weekly discussion on all things public relations. It was an incredible hour with lots of very thoughtful comments all around. Most of us are hoping this group chat becomes a regular occurrence. But the realization hit me – again – that many don’t […]

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!

ShareTweet This phrase from Sir Walter Scott (Scottish author & novelist, 1771 – 1832) has been coming to mind a lot lately as we learn of communicators practicing in deceiving manners. It’s very frustrating for the thousands of professionals who practice with ethical standards and commitment. It doesn’t seem that hard to me to observe the […]