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Relationships Central at PR Conferences

ShareTweet For the past week I’ve been on the road. The first stop was the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) conference in Philadelphia. Second stop was the International Foodservice Editorial Council (IFEC) in Portland. Both of these are important for different reasons, yet also based on a common core. I’ve been attending the PRSA conference […]

You only Keep the Relationships You Manage

ShareTweet Tuesday I talked about the importance of building and maintaining relationships…and saying thank you. Today I discuss how you can do that. As something of a disclaimer, I started my career before we had computers, cell phones and programs that automated your contact lists. We had paper address books or address cards in a […]

Relationships Remain Key to Success

ShareTweet After more than 30 years in public relations and communications, I have seen lots of changes. What hasn’t changed, thankfully, is the value of relationships. With professional stints in several US cities working with clients throughout the US I’ve met some people and maintained friendships throughout the country. I regularly have people ask why […]

What Exactly IS Public Relations?

ShareTweet Last week, SoloPR joined the Social Media chat group for our weekly discussion on all things public relations. It was an incredible hour with lots of very thoughtful comments all around. Most of us are hoping this group chat becomes a regular occurrence. But the realization hit me – again – that many don’t […]

Six Ways I Bump Into Colleagues Regularly

ShareTweet I was taking a break from client work earlier to catch up on items in my newsfeed. A post from Jeff Esposito caught my eye. It’s called “Are you bumping into your coworkers enough?” If you have coworkers you should read it. But I don’t, so why did I? The same principles apply to […]

Six ways to build and maintain your professional network

ShareTweet Lately, I have been in situations where customer service representatives are amazed at the number of contacts in my address book. These conversations caused me to think about how and why I’ve done this. I’m in the business of public RELATIONS so I’ve never thought it was all that odd. On the other hand, […]