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Reflections on Life’s Journeys

ShareTweet June 1 is a milestone for me. It’s the day, 14 years ago I opened the door to The Barber Group. But the journey really didn’t start there. 40 years ago this month I graduated from high school having spent two years working on the school newspaper and learning a true love for writing. […]

Fundraising is a Team Sport

ShareTweet Guest post from Susan Kernes Successful fundraising is about reinforcing your relationship with existing donors while building relationships with new ones. As in all relationship-building, the goal is to attract the resources you need in order to achieve your outcomes. Make sure your Board actively participates in fundraising. They should know your mission and […]

What Exactly IS Public Relations?

ShareTweet Last week, SoloPR joined the Social Media chat group for our weekly discussion on all things public relations. It was an incredible hour with lots of very thoughtful comments all around. Most of us are hoping this group chat becomes a regular occurrence. But the realization hit me – again – that many don’t […]

SCOTUS, DOMA and the Power of Commitment

ShareTweet Yesterday’s news about the Supreme Court’s decision regarding marriage equality captured my attention in a way few issues have. In fact, the issue of equality has been something important to me for years because, quite frankly, I think it’s important for all people to be treated equally. That part’s easy. But, for me the […]

Arrested on Federal Fraud Charges…?

ShareTweet Like many public relations professionals I have a series of Google Alerts that help me know who’s saying what about my company or me. It’s an excellent way to stay abreast of what’s being said about different issues. Yesterday’s alerts that came in for “The Barber Group” not only caught my eye, they nearly […]

Social Media…Piece of Cake

ShareTweet Over the past week or so I have heard this common refrain about social media…It’s not hard. Just get an account and do it. I have been naïve to think we were beyond where businesses think social media is the easy road to increased profits and takes no planning or skill. For businesses to […]