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30 Day Trial

ShareTweet It seems as though every day, or at least once a week, there’s a new tool showing up in my social media feed. It’s almost always touted as the next best thing. And “everyone” seems to be using it. So, how do you evaluate all the tools, and how do you know if they […]

Are We Becoming Hyper-Critical and Unaccepting of Others’ Views?

ShareTweet We’ve all heard about them. Whether it’s a protest on a college campus, a Facebook post that might seem against our norm, or a politician with what we perceive as a whacked out view. Stated as such they might seem normal, but our reactions are becoming a bit out of line and I wonder […]

Purple Rain and Public Relations

ShareTweet Last week the world lost another icon when Prince died on Thursday morning. Almost immediately the tributes started rolling in for this wonderful man many felt they knew personally. And almost as immediately as the tributes started, so did the criticism of brands who seemingly capitalized on Prince’s death in a way not pleasing […]

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

ShareTweet We’ve all heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. The proliferation of pictures and now video on social media means the pictures chosen are even more important. As research shows that attention spans are getting shorter, it becomes even more important for communicators to use videos that are visually stunning […]

Planning Doesn’t Have to be Hard

ShareTweet But it is Critical to Success When people come to me looking for public relations assistance I first like to understand what they’re trying to do, to whom and why. What is their plan? Why are they doing it? What are they trying to fix? It’s where I begin to understand how I can […]

Millennials: Why Understanding This Group is Key to Communications Success

ShareTweet There are several cornerstones to strategic communications planning, including research, goals, measurable objectives, a strategy, primary message and a target audience. None stands alone but together they make a strong program likely to result in successful outcomes. Though often overlooked, understanding a company’s primary target group is critical to success. It helps sharpen the […]